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sunflowerslovee asked:

It seems like you're with Rhett a lot, and I was wondering if your family knows about him? I don't know if that's too personal of a question to ask, but I've very briefly dated guys who are older than me, and have always broken it off because I've been nervous about how my parents/sister would react when the age difference has been 10+ years. I'm just curious how you handled telling your family if you did :3 If it's too personal though I'm sorry there's no pressure :3


We live together now so my family knows since I moved out of their house, into his. My mom wasn’t thrilled about the idea of me dating someone her age at first but she slowly is coming to terms with it and tolerating it since Rhett and I have been together a year now. We are not out as kinky to my family. They accept the fact that I am happy and that he is beyond good to me and they leave it at that. I stressed a lot about it at first but it came down to the fact that I realized I wanted to be with him long-term. I was really happy with our relationship kinky and vanilla and their opinion didn’t really matter in the grand scheme of things. Now I don’t even think anything about it because it’s just normal to me. I had always dated guys who were on average, 10 or so years older than me anyhow so they were kind of used to it but he’s the oldest man I’ve ever dated. There is nothing incest fantasy-like about our kinky life, but the Daddy/little girl aspect kind of flowed naturally and went well our relationship. I think the age difference helps that a tad bit. I enjoy talking about the age difference in relationships because it’s something that I stressed over for a while and I know it causes a lot of other people issues in their relationships as well. Bottom line, do what makes you happy regardless of how old they are or how young you are. Or vice versa. It’s not always easy, but with time family and friends will learn to accept it. The very first thing my father said to me was “honey don’t take this seriously and look at it long-term.” Oops. I will crack jokes about waiting for him to die to cash my check or how I’m only with him for his money to lighten things up and sadly, most people think that is the basis of our relationship but of course it isn’t. I’ve never vibed with a soul so well as his. Doubt I ever will again. I had to cut a friend loose and put some distance between us because she is arm candy to her fiancé and she expected that dynamic to be in my relationship. It got annoying. It wasn’t my thing. I have enough behind the scene dynamics, I don’t need more. That isn’t to say I don’t occasionally light some candles, go lie in the jacuzzi tub wearing my target brand lingerie while he throws Monopoly money in on top of me and we pretend he is a rich billionaire and he’s naming his brand new million dollar yacht after me.. just kidding we don’t do that.. but I hope I’ve helped you out Lo. It’s not too personal and I welcome more questions if ya got em.

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